Our Philosophy

Lifelong Memories

Our mission is to be more than a summer program. We want to be your Summer Family. We provide a safe environment for children to have FUN and develop LIFELONG MEMORIES!

Our dedicated counselors will encourage campers to make new friends and develop new skills. We strive to have a positive impact on your child’s summer, and to nurture each camper’s self-esteem.

Most importantly, we want your child to have FUN and to return year after year to CAMP PLAYLAND OF REDDING, their Summer Family.

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What to Expect

When you join our Camp Playland of Redding family, your child can expect

  • To feel safe, welcomed, nurtured, and supported
  • To make new friends
  • To have wonderful role models
  • To try new activities, learn new things, develop new skills, and discover their passion

Most importantly, if you join our Camp Playland of Redding family, your child will have FUN every single day.

Then and Now: Why Summer Camp Is More Important Than Ever Before

(Excerpts below are from a 2/11/19 article by Andy Pritikin, owner/director of Liberty Lake day camp in Mansfield township, NJ.)

Our children are growing up so much differently than we did, with so much of their lives spent staring at and touching glowing screens. I looked for information in my encyclopedia, dictionary, or local library, while kids can find a fact through their fingertips in seconds. But while we are more connected to everything and everybody through technology, we are far less connected to each other on a personal level than ever before…

Eight- to 18-year-olds consume an average of more than seven hours of screen media per day, often while multi-tasking, a statistic that has increased two-and-a-half hours in the past ten years. Their excessive screen time is now being linked to increased hyperactivity, emotional and behavior problems, and difficulty with peers and school...

One last bit of research: a multi-year study of 50,000 high schoolers led by noted author/researcher Jean Twenge, showed unequivocally that the happiest kids use screens less than an hour per day, and that teens who spend more time in face-to-face, in-person interaction with friends are happiest. We all want our kids to be happy, right? … So how and where can we distract our kids from their screens while giving them the best opportunities to grow into good people and contributing members of society? Two words: summer camp…

Summer Camp

Traditional, outdoor, hot, sweaty, buggy, muddy, summer camp. Because, simply put, camp is the antidote to the traps of modern society. Camp is like a vitamin supplement of the vital things our kids’ lives are missing: Face to face interactions, collaborating together in groups, and navigating the ups and downs of relationships. It’s also a place where kind, caring people other than parents help teach them the skills of life like making friendships, using integrity, self-regulation and independence…

Look at the stats — look at your kids! Summer camp is more important than ever before, filling the societal gap left by schools focused on testing, busy parents, and glowing screens!

Enroll your children at Camp Playland of Redding and become part of our Summer Family!