Afternoon Snack

All our campers enjoy an ice cream or popsicle snack each afternoon. Below please find the nutrition labels for their snacks. Please call the office (203-438-1711) with any concerns regarding snacks and allergies. Thank you.

(Photos top to bottom: Fudge Bar, Blue Bunny Star Bar, Assorted Popsicles, Ice Cream Sandwich, Scribblers Popsicle, Lick A Color Popsicle, Firecracker Popsicle, and Flavor Ice)

(Fudge Bar)

Star Bar (chocolate covered ice cream bar)


(Assorted Popsicles)


(Ice Cream Sandwich)


(Scribblers Popsicles)

(Lick A Color Popsicles)


(Firecracker Popsicles)


(Flavor Ice)