A Day in the Life

Every Day Rocks at Playland

Camp begins “on wheels” as bus counselors engage children in song and conversation on their way to camp.  Upon arrival, a director welcomes campers into the picnic pavilion, which is alive with music, dancing, table games, and socializing.  Our staff takes attendance, bags go in cubbies, and lunches are refrigerated.

Next up, flag raising!  All campers meet on the ball field to raise and pledge the flag, sing a song or two, and hear the news of the day.  After our morning ceremony is done, camp groups go to their first activity.

Read on to see get a picture of what a full day at Camp Playland of Redding looks like.


Morning Activities

Campers enjoy three activities each morning including one swim period.


Lunch and Community Time

Campers meet in the picnic pavilion for lunch and Taste of Talent, Counselor Games, Sing Alongs, and weekly Recognitions. Guaranteed to be loud, wacky, and entertaining.


Afternoon Activities

Campers enjoy three activities each afternoon including one swim period.


Snack and Dismissal

Campers enjoy an ice cream or Popsicle snack (you can usually tell by their shirts what we had) each afternoon.  We meet once more on the ball field for our flag lowering ceremony, final song, and dismissal.



Get some rest; another exciting day awaits you at Camp Playland!


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